Jenna Arias​

Jenna Arias

Licensed Massage Therapist and a Licensed Esthetician

Jenna is passionate about wellness!  She feels deeply rewarded when she is able to assist her clients towards better health and wellness in her practice.  Jenna was inspired to become a Massage Therapist in personal experience. Jenna grew up with scoliosis, a sideways curvature of the spine that resulted in chronic pain. “My pain started to improve when I received weekly trigger point work and massage therapy.”  Jenna is also a certified aerial yoga instructor!  In her personal time she enjoys aerial yoga, relaxing meditation and yoga and being silly with her beautiful daughter!  Jenna finds joy in all things wellness and self-development!

“Your happiness is one of your greatest contributions to others.  As you live by example and transfer this state to all that cross your path.”

Jenna's hours
Monday - Thursday 11:00-3:00
Friday 10:00-1:00
Saturday 10:00-3:00

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