Judy Lofton

Licensed Massage Therapist

Judy is a licensed massage therapist with a strong belief in the healing potential of massage. With a background in writing and consulting, she made the transition to massage therapy in 2021 after earning her license from Cortiva Institute. Judy has been a Reiki master since 2005, further enhancing her ability to provide holistic care to her clients. ¬†Passionate about helping others pursue wellness through massage, Judy finds great fulfillment in her work. She continuously expands her knowledge and skills by staying updated on new techniques and modalities in the field. Judy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Basis of Behavior from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s degree in Technical and Scientific Communications from Drexel University.
Judy is a dedicated caregiver to her dogs and cats, alongside her husband. They enjoy spending their spare time outdoors and engaging in various home improvement projects. Judy is also an avid yoga practitioner.
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