Tricia Glodowski​

Tricia Glodowski


“One-on-one Personal Training changed my life forever. I love training clients from all walks of life and working together to identify and overcome the physical and habitual forces that hold them back.”

Her mantra of “Even when life says ‘NO” we can always find “YES” is echoed daily by her trainees.

Tricia has a Bachelor’s in Marketing Communications from Rutgers University and advanced certifications from National Association of Sports Medicine. In 2004, after decades of struggle with obesity, Tricia succeeded in losing over 100 pounds and launched a career as a Weight Loss Counselor & Fitness Advocate. Tricia has worked for several of the area’s leading health & fitness companies and has authored many articles on overcoming obesity and injuries. In 2009, her journey was featured on NBC10’s Game Changers. She trademarked her inspirational blog Finding Yes (After 100 Pounds of “No”!) in 2009. Then, after five life changing years as a trainer, Tricia founded FindYes Fitness & Nutrition, LLC.

Outside the gym, Tricia enjoys coffee, MASSAGE, hiking, and running. She credits much of her success to her incredibly supportive husband and children who have cheered her on at home and at exciting events like the Broad Street Run, TOUGH MUDDER, and of course, her latest adventure and dream come true—sharing her home and passion with InBalance Wellness Spa.

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