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Whenever you see a weight loss or fitness success story with the disclaimer “results not typical,” you’ll know why it is different at InBalance!   We are using a corrective exercise approach that addresses patterns that commonly prevent people from achieving lasting results-results which we believe are not just typical-but inevitable once we establish constructive movement and behavior patterns.  When you leave thinking “When do I get to do that again?” we know we’ve done our job.

Private Fitness Sessions
Undivided attention, customization, schedule flexibility and accountability make one on one sessions the results leader.  Your personalized program will start with crucial assessments that reveal your strengths, weaknesses, and requirements.  Then we progress with a proven regimen that inhibits tension, improves flexibility, increases muscle activation and endurance, and ultimately improves movement patterns & performance all while helping burn calories, boost metabolism, and improve your overall health.

Small Group Training
Whether you’re a beginner or a die-hard you definitely belong in our classes.  Our team oriented, semi-private classes maximize your training time and budget and offer a fun, safe, environment for all fitness levels.

Training is available in person in studio, at the client’s location, and through live online.

Fitness Classes

We’re doing something completely new to help overcome your fitness obstacles and these challenging times. Get the best of personal and small group training with the utmost safety. When you register you will be offered a private fitness and nutrition consultation, then you can join our live virtual classes knowing you’re getting all the spirit and sweat of team training plus individual attention, modifications and stretching. Class size is strictly limited. Reserve your spot today. All levels welcome.

All classes are $99 for 6 weeks. 


(60 min)
THINtervention is a 6-week renewable program that blends the best in weight loss and fitness to maximize your budget, time, energy, understanding and motivation. It’s a hybrid (half weight loss meeting- held during our active warmup-/half workout) that tackles the scale via food choices and situations and provides specialized fitness training. Integrating diet and exercise in this team approach allows us to create the positive habits and culture that support members with all the pieces of the puzzle: healthy eating, activity, accountability (private weekly weigh ins), and motivation.
Tues 11:30am

Total Body Conditioning

(60 min)
An ever-changing circuit style class that will make you work every major muscle group at a cardio pace.  Using a mix of body weight, free weight, resistance band and floor-based exercises TBC offers a great full body workout.
Wed 5:15pm

Core & More

This express class, focuses on core strength & stabilization. Work the key muscles of the abdomen, back, hips, and buttocks that control everything from posture to sports performance. Look, move & feel better in all you do.
Tues & Thur 7:30 am

Nutrition Coaching

Schedule your private nutrition support session to align your behaviors with proven weight loss strategies, recipes, and motivation, that make sustainable changes not just possible but practical.

Together we’ll make healthy eating doable RIGHT NOW by providing the framework and environment that informs and inspires healthy and actionable decisions.

Initial Evaluation: $95

Follow up:

  • 60 Minute $70
  • 30 Minute $50

3-Month Unlimited Nutrition Coaching: $750


  • Initial Evaluation
  • Understanding weight loss myths and facts
  • Employing best practices for meal planning, preparation, enjoyment, and tracking
  • Recognizing and managing reactionary eating vs physical hunger
  • Establishing activities that increase willpower and consistency

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