BT Smart Case


Keep masks and other safety gear clean, tidy, and accessible throughout the day.  Designed to carry face masks and a small hand sanitizer, the BT-smart case is built with a durable heavy duty zipper, and Silver Ion infused Azul blue silicone with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

What is Silver Ion Technology?

Silver Ion Technology goes back to ancient times as a purifying agent to store water. It is a silver-based active ingredient that has been incorporated into polymers, coatings, textiles etc. to offer continuous protection against bacterial growth. Small amounts of silver disrupt bacteria’s metabolism by preventing it from converting nutrients into energy which is crucial for bacteria’s survival. Every single day we come across all sorts of bacteria whether it be from other people, animals, door knobs, bathroom surfaces etc. that can cause serious illness. That is why Bio-Therapeutic uses this technology; to provide top notch sanitary masks and cases that keep you (or your belongings) safe from bacteria harmful to you.

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