It's Peel Season

Discover your healthy, radiant skin!

You want to feel confident when you look in the mirror!

But, are these hiding your natural beauty?

Fine / Deep Lines

Loss of Skin Elasticity

Sun Damage


Acne or Acne Scarring

You deserve healthy, radiant skin you're exited to show off.

Pro Power Peels are an excellent treatment choice for a wide range of skin concerns, including:

         ✓ Signs of aging such as fine/deep lines 

         ✓ Skin laxity

         ✓ Hyperpigmentation

         ✓ Acne

Our licensed estheticians recommend a series of 3 or 6 peels to achieve maximum benefits.

The Peel Deal is something our clients have come to love and look forward to so they book fast.

What’s in a Peel Deal?

Peel Deals are available for a limited time (purchase by 11/18/23) and include:

  • Customized Facial 

  • 3 or 6 Peels 

  • An eye peel

  • LED light therapy with each Peel 

  • Home care products to support proper skin health during the series and beyond

  • Healthy, radiant skin!

3 Peel Series $475 ($679 value)

6 Peel Series $775 ($1,069 value)

LED Treatment

As a bonus, The Peel Deal includes LED light therapy.

LED Benefits

  • Promotes collagen production
  • Repairs skin barrier function
  • Decrease inflammation/redness 
  • Kills bacteria/acne
  • Works on a deeper level, creating synergy with your Peels

3 Steps to Healthy, Radiant Skin!

Choose between the 3 or 6 Series Peel Deal. Call us at (215) 490-2900 to schedule your appointments.

Your first appointment will be a consultation and a customized facial to prep your skin and address your areas of concern.

2. Enjoy Your Treatments

Each session is 100% customized for you. Stay consistent with your treatment schedule and at home care, to see your best results.

You’ll see and feel immediate results with continued improvement 1-2 weeks post peel.

I recently gifted myself with a peel deal from InBalance Wellness Spa.  Life and everyday stress was taking its toll on my skin and I decided to try something new.  Kaitlyn made me feel so comfortable and I left each session feeling refreshed.   I had started to see a difference, so much so that I decided to continue with another three sessions.  I wish I had taken a before and after photo because I could see such a difference in the smoothness, pore size and general health of my skin.  I’m so glad I did this for myself.  It was worth it!

– Tyree

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