Acne Treatment

What is acne?
Bacteria, excess sebum production, dead cell accumulation and an inflammatory response.  The causes and triggers of acne can be intrinsic and extrinsic.  Intrinsic triggers include stress, hormonal shifts (menstrual, pregnancy, escalation of testosterone, other health related issues), genetics, and diet (dairy or high glycemic foods).  Extrinsic causes include pollution and climate, (lack of) skincare/good hygiene, picking at skin, and UV light.
How do we treat it?
– Salicylic Acid is ideal for oily skin, reduces congestion and exhibits anti-inflammatory properties.

– TT Technology: Plant based Pine and Thyme, boosts skins natural defense systems.

– Niacinamide: regulated sebaceous gland secretions, inhibits 5-alpha reductive
enzyme activity, anti-inflammatory properties, scavenges free radicals, reduces Melanogenesis
– Hexylresorcinol: addresses pigmentation marks post breakout (PIH) , tyrosinase
inhibitor prevents production of melanin, synergistic effect when complexed with

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