Targeted Advanced Treatments

Better skin health comes with a proper home care routine and regular professional treatments. What those treatments consist of will be determined
between you and your Professional Skin Therapist. Together we will determine your skin type, and the treatment level
your skin requires to refresh, repair and rejuvenate your skin to its healthiest state. 
During that session we will determine your skin type, the treatment level your skin requires and what we need to do to make sure that your skin stays at its healthiest.

**Discontinue use of prescription Retin A, topical Tretinoin, Epiduo Forte as well as retinoids 72 hours prior to your Skin Treatment.  
** Bring in your products or a picture of them for a complimentary assessment with you skin treatment.

Pro Power Peel

Pro Power Peel – Chemical Peels are an excellent treatment choice for a wide range of skin concerns including acne, rough skin texture, hyperpigmentation and signs of aging, minimizing fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and sensitivities.

3 Series – Includes a Facial + 3 Peels

6 Series – Includes a Facial + 6 Peels

For best results, Peels are optimally done in a Series 60 minutes – $150

*a pre-peel patch test must be performed

LED Light Therapy

LED treats skin sensitivities such as irritation, redness, rosacea or acne inflammation and has anti aging benefits. LED increases circulation, accelerates tissue repair, kills acne bacteria, decreases inflammation, as well as improves skin tone and texture.

70 minute LED Facial – $145 


Nano skin refining promotes collagen production, refines skin texture, improves acne scarring, minimizes wrinkles, fine lines, excessive pigmentation and rosacea. Nanoneedling is a noninvasive treatment with no downtime.

70 minutes – $145

Microdermabrasion Facial

Rejuvenate skin and minimize scarring with this non invasive physical exfoliation via crystal abrasion.

60 minutes – $130


Leaves skin feeling smooth, removes fine vellus hairs and provides increased penetration of skin products. Make up application post treatment is flawless!

70 minutes – $145

Anti Aging Neck Treatment

Focusing on the neck and chest to minimize lines, firm the skin, and decrease hyperpigmentation.

60 minutes – $103

90 minutes – $135

Microdermabrasion/LED Combo

Receive the benefits of both of these skin-altering modalities along with a full Facial.

70 minutes – $145

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