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Say goodbye to
skin imperfections!

Do you struggle with:

Skin tags

Cherry Angiomas

Flat Hyperpigmentation

Sebaceous Hyperplasia


Spider Angiomas

Cholesterol Deposits



Dilated Capillaries


Skin Irregularities*

*Skin irregularities are accumulations of various types of cells that look different than the surrounding skin. They may be raised or flat and range in color from dark brown or black to flesh-colored to red. Skin growths may be present at birth or develop later.

Discover what thermolysis can do for you.

Smoother Skin

You’ve tried masques, scrubs, peels, and facials, but those raised skin growths that have appeared over the years, or been there since birth - just won’t go away. Until now.

Even Skin Tone

Say goodbye to your concealer! Those red and purple areas caused by dilated capillaries and spider angiomas are very common. But, instead of covering them up, watch them disappear.

Younger Looking Skin

Age spots, sun spots, liver spots - whatever you call them, they are constant reminders of our unprotected days in the sun. Some things are okay to forget.

Everyone deserves to love their skin.

Many of our clients struggle with skin irregularities, so we searched high and low for a solution. Thermolysis proved to be the perfect fit, with amazing results exceeding our expectations.

InBalance Wellness Spa’s licensed estheticians are all thermolysis experts and ready to address areas of concern on your face, neck, and chest that have been bothering you.

3 Steps to Skin You'll be Proud to Show Off!

We’ll discuss your concerns and send you intake forms. Once you complete and return the forms and a photo, we’ll customize a plan for you, and send you an estimate.

2. Receive Treatment

It takes a short time to work on each area. You’ll go home with home care instructions to maximize your overall outcome.

One to three weeks after treatment, your new healthy skin will be revealed and the skin tone will continue to even out over the next several weeks.

“I’m so pleased with the results I’ve gotten from Thermolysis! There was little to no pain associated with my treatment, no side effects, daily visual healing of the spots and quick results! I didn’t think there was anything that could be done with my skin tags but now there is! ”

“My oily skin created bumps that wouldn't go away no matter what I tried. They were all I could see every time I looked in the mirror. I was so excited to try thermolysis at IBWS. My skin has never been smoother!”

“My face was covered in sun damage and age spots from years of tanning. My skin was not only damaged it was dull and grey. After this almost painless procedure I have soft, pink, radiant skin underneath. I look and feel years younger, even my friends and family have noticed the drastic changes. Thank you InBalance for helping me with my confidence!”

How Does Thermolysis Work?

We treat minor skin irregularities by dehydrating the area of concern via high frequency electrical current via a micro-probe. The probe sends a spark precisely treating the area of concern.

The treatment occurs just above the skin’s surface. The treated area will begin to regenerate new cells, and a crust/scab will be formed where the lesion once was. In one to three weeks, the scab will naturally fall off, revealing new, healthy skin. The skin tone will continue to even out over the next several weeks.

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