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Ashlee Principe

Ashlee Principe

Licensed Massage Therapist

“Being a Massage Therapist has brought calm to the chaos. I am grateful to each client that gives me the opportunity to help them through the healing process.”

It was a need for a lifestyle change and the desire to help others that led Ashlee to pursue a career in Massage Therapy. Ashlee earned her PA Massage Therapy license in 2015 after she completed the Lansdale School of Business Massage Therapy program. Ashlee originally began her career as a Massage Therapist to help her clients relax. With her growth and experience she has turned her focus to a more therapeutic approach. Ashlee’s joy in helping others has encouraged her to continue to learn new techniques helping her clients manage pain and stress.

When she is not caring for others, Ashlee enjoys spending time decorating her new home and mastering DIY projects and because of her love of skin care and makeup, Ashlee also has aspirations to pursue Esthetics. More than anything, she finds her most fulfilling job being a mom to her young, vibrant son.

Ashlee’s hours
Monday 3:00-8:00
Tuesday (biweekly) 10:00-2:00
Wednesday & Thursday 3:00-8:00
Friday 12:00-6:00

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