Better skin health comes with a proper home care routine and regular professional treatments. What those treatments consist of will be determined
between you and your Professional Skin Therapist. Together we will determine your skin type, and the treatment level
your skin requires to refresh, repair and rejuvenate your skin to its healthiest state. 
During that session we will determine your skin type, the treatment level your skin requires and what we need to do to make sure that your skin stays at its healthiest.

**Discontinue use of prescription Retin A, topical Tretinoin, Epiduo Forte as well as retinoids 72 hours prior to your Skin Treatment.  
** Bring in your products or a picture of them for a complimentary assessment with you skin treatment.

Virtual Skin Consultation or In-Person Face Mapping
Take the first steps towards your best skin health. Allow one of our skilled skin therapists to view your facial skin zone by zone.  We will assess your current home care routine, assist you in working towards your goals. Minor changes can make a major difference!

30 minutes $25
$25 will be applied to recommended Dermalogica product purchased within 2 weeks of the Consultation.

Anti Aging Skin Treatments

Age Defying Facial
Revitalize tired and damaged skin with this results-driven treatment. This powerful treatment includes Vit A, C & E aiding in repairing and restoring compromised skin.
60 minutes $93

Anti Aging Neck Treatment
Don’t forget your neck!  You don’t know how it happened, but is that your Mother’s neck looking back at you in the mirror?  This treatment includes the face, neck and décolleté with increased focus to the neck.  Our skin treatment for the neck and chest minimizes lines, firms the skin and decreases hyperpigmentation.  For optimal results, repeat treatments are recommended.   

**Include LED Light Therapy or Lifting/firming Microcurrent treatment to enhance results.
60 minutes $98
90 minutes $128

Retinol Boost
This treatment delivers clinical strength 1% Retinol to the skin enhancing cell turnover to create smoother, even toned skin.
60 minutes $98

Advanced Skin Therapy
This skin treatment is for the skin savvy client.  A full skin treatment to the face, neck and décolleté including Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Deep cleansing, intense exfoliation and Microcurrent Skin Lift is included in this 90 minute Skin Treatment.

**Discontinue use of prescription Retin A, topical Tretinoin, Epiduo Forte as well as retinoids 72 hours prior to your Skin Treatment.  

90 minutes $145

Gentleman’s Facial
Customized for a man’s unique skin needs. This hydrating treatment deep cleans and exfoliates while offering consideration to the sensitive areas that result from shaving.
60 minutes $93

Acne Skin Treatments

Acne Diminishing Facial
Deep cleansing and enhanced exfoliation are the keys to this effective treatment. This potent treatment as well as home care counseling will make a real difference.
60 minutes $93

Teen Facial Plus
A full skin treatment addressing hormonal breakout and inflammation, dryness and/or sensitivities. A Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Kit is included to maintain results.  This treatment and products are appropriate for guys and girls skin.

Soothing Acne Skin Treatment
Isotretinoin (often referred to as the discontinued Accutane) is an intense prescription acne treatment.  Over the course of treatment skin can become sensitized.  This soothing and hydrating skin treatment alleviates dryness and irritation brought on by this harsh course of treatment.  Maintain skin health with regular Soothing Treatments.  

**This treatment does not include exfoliation as exfoliation is not recommended during treatment or for 6 months after completed.
60 minutes $93

Back Facial
A session devoted completely to treating your back and shoulders. Helps with dryness, blemishes or get your back ready for a special event when you want to show a little more skin.
45 minutes $80

Sensitive Skin Treatments

Calming Facial
This soothing facial relieves sensitized skin flare-ups such as redness, dryness, burning, itching and rosacea. It will minimize discomfort leaving you with hydrated and tranquilized skin while also enhancing your skin’s barrier function.
60 minutes $93

Specialized Treatments

Pregnancy Facial
Self care at its most important!

A customized skin treatment for the expectant Mom.  A Sound Sleep Cocoon Moisturizer is included for Mom to take home.  Enjoy this Gel Cream Moisturizer with motion activated release of lavender to promote relaxation and skin hydration.

**Avoid skin care ingredients such as high dose Salicylic Acid and Retinoids during pregnancy.  Physical sunscreens are recommended over Chemical sunscreens during pregnancy.  Let us do a complimentary product review for you!
60 minutes $98

The Combo
Enjoy the facial of your choosing along with a stress relieving, relaxing massage.
120 minutes $170

Athletes Skin Treatment
This skin treatment addresses the unique skin care needs of the athlete.  Testosterone is released with exercise and a by product of testosterone is sebum production.  This in conjunction with increased sweat can lead to more congested skin in athletes.  A gym friendly UltraCalming Cleanser is included.  Check in with your Esthetician for other gym friendly skin care product suggestions. 

  • Nutrition has a great affect on the skin and body.  Add a Nutrition Coaching session with a goal of increased performance and improved skin health. $70
  • Ask about our Athletes Skin Care Bundle available in Travel or full sizes

60 minutes $98

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