Exclusive Express Facials

An Exclusive Express Treatment is an efficient 30-minute treatment solution.
It addresses specific facial zone issues such as the lips, eye area, and breakouts or treat the whole face with treatments such as exfoliation, hydration or soothing.
Short and effective, an Exclusive Express Treatment should be a consistent part of your routine to keep your skin InBalance!


NEW! – Pro Eye Flash
Bright Eyes in a Flash!  Powerful Peel treatment that works to reveal a brighter, smoother under eye area for a refreshed, glowing look.

Product Match: Biolumin C Eye Serum

Eye Firm – $65
Product Match: Multivitamin Power Firm

Acne, Oily, or Blackheads

Oil Control – $65
Product Match: Clearing Skin Wash

Rapid Spot Clearing – $65
Product Match: Clear Start Clearing Booster

Blackhead Relief – $65
Product Match: Clear Start Fizz Masque

Flash Exfoliation – $65
Product Match: AGE Bright Clearing Serum

Calming or Sensitive

Moisture Boost – $65
Product Match: UltraCalming Calm Water Gel

Skin Soothing – $65
Product Matches: UltraCalming Serum ConcentrateIntensive Moisture Cleanser 


Age Repair – $65
Product Match: Age Smart Super Rich Repair

Flash Exfoliation – $65
Product Match: Rapid Reveal Peel

Moisture Boost – $65
Product Match: Prisma Protect SPF30

Hand Repair – $65
Product Match: Body Hydrating Cream


Lip Renewal – $65
Product Match: Renewal Lip Complex

Moisture Boost – $65
Product Match: Melting Moisture Masque

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